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Can a landlord still charge me rent even though i moved out? 7 mos ago

Due to finances i moved out of a trailer that i had a signed lease for. I Notified the landlord i was moving and that i wanted the home put up for sale. The landlord told me its still my responsibility to pay rent for it til its sold. Legally can he do that since i don't live there anymore. I was all paid up on rent and everything when i moved out.And the trailer is still in there name i didn't own it. Please help, can he do this legally.

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Can a landlord still charge me rent even though i: Free and Fast.

Can my landlord still charge me rent? - Yahoo!: If you signed a lease for a specific period of time you are liable for the rest of the time whether you are there or not. You should have negotiated a way

Can a landlord charging late fees after an eviction?: Best Answer: This is a stretch for me, but, if all of these things you say are true. Don't pay any rent. If the landlord pursues you, it would only be in

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Rental Agreements FAQ - Know Your Rights - Tenants: In September I moved into my The landlord is now asking me for rent and threatening court even though I havn't stepped a landlord CANNOT rent a room out,

Can landlord charge me rent after I have left ?: Know Your Rights » Moving In » Rental Agreements Rental Agreements FAQ. Does my landlord have to provide me with a copy of the rental agreement I sign?

Yahoo! Small Business Advisor - Can a landlord: I moved. At that time the landlord told me Can they charge me rent through Feb. 2004, even though the hearing officer ripped me a second AH and sent me out

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